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More About My Pets

Cats: Gender: Type: Age:
Kirby- Hymaphrodite- Russian Blue- 15 years
Havock- Male- Maine Coon- 13 years
Elektra- Female- Calico- 4 years
Dazzler- Female- Tabby- 3 years
Pyro- Male- Red Point Siameese- *RARE*- 1 1/2 years

Snakes: Gender: Type: Age: Found? Inches
Chester- Not probed- Yellow Rat Snake- 1 year- yes- 40 inches
Spike- Not Probed- Yellow Rat Snake- A few months- yes- 40+ inches
Death- Not Probed- Southern Firebelly Ringkneck- A few weeks- yes- 9 inches

Dogs: Gender: Type: Age:
Dare Devil- Male- Chihuahua- 2 1/2 years