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Tips on Raising and Training Snakes

Tip 1: Let your Snake know who is the boss:

A snake is almost like a dog. If it is angry, it'll bite, like many other animals. Some snakes may not bite. Some relave a spray, while other's show body parts. Yet, just like a dog, a snake knows when it's being bad, when it strikes, it may draw blood. lightly tap your sanke on the nose, but not too light, you want your snake to know who is the boss. Not too hard so it does it again. Wash your hands. Snakes are very low maintenance on thereselves. Therefore, they carry alot of germs.

Tip 2: Feeding Snakes:

Depening how big your snake is, it may eat up to a rabbit.

Tiny/Newborns (6 inches- 1 1/2 feet)- Crickets, Earth worms, Meal worms, and other insects

Small Snakes (1 1/2 feet-3 feet)- Baby Mice, Regular Sized Mice, or other small rodents.

Average (3 feet-5 feet)- Regular Sized Mice, Baby Rats, or Regular Sized Rats.

Huge (5 feet- 12+ feet)- Regular Sized Rats, Jumbo Rats, Bunny Rabits.


I don't care how big your snake is- DON'T EVER FEED A CAT, OR DOG TO YOUR SNAKE!!!!!!!!! That is cruel and is Illegal!

The only reason wh Rabbits and Hares aren't illegal, is because they are a type of rodent, and populate fast.

Like I said before- Depending on the size, your snake may eat 1 or 2.

If you have a new snake, with another snake of the same breed, have 2, or 4 mice, or whatever your snake eat, don't let them in the same tank with eachother while eating, for 3 weeks. ( Not actuaally out for three weeks, but every time they eat) If you must have them in the same tank, put a card board slab between the glass. 1 snake on a different side. After they eat, remove the board. After the 3 weeks watch them carefully. if one gets aggressive, put the board back in. if no agrressiveness, then you're okay.

If you have one snake, just place the meal inside the cage. Watch the action.

Feed your snake once a week.

Tip 3: Holding Your Snake/Petting Your Snake

Some snakes love to be held. Others- DREAD IT.
If you do finally hold your snake, let it move straight ahead of you. When you hold on to your snake let it move freely. But don't let it get away, if it tries to do so, get a firmer grip, but don't crush it. When your snake does go, and acts like it's getting, away.. it's probaby not. It's only "walking". When your snake does this move your hands as if you were climbing a rope, but don't have a circullar hand grip, lay your hands flat, and let your snake "climb your hands".

When petting you're snake, never pet your snakes scales back wards. like when you pet a cat's furr backwards, it hurts them. But with a snake it hurts and damages their scales. If you pet your snake backwards, you and your snake will know it.

I'll update this page frequently so check back often!